What payment methods do you accept?


We accept payment by :

Credit Cards

  • We accept VISA and Master Card,SSL safe payment.

Western Union

  • We offer a 10% discount for all orders paid for by Western Union.
What are your Guarantees?

Every single product you see on our site is guaranteed to be an original photograph, from our own stock.
The replica designer watch you receive will be exactly what you ordered.
All of our products are protected by our 14 Day Money Back Guarantee. If you aren't completely satisfied with your new watch, or if it arrives in anything less than perfect condition, we invite you to get in touch with us within 14 days of receiving your order to discuss a return for a full refund. Take care not to remove any tags or stickers,as we only accept returns on items that arrive back to us in an unworn condition for this guarantee.
In the event that your new watch is damaged during shipping due to courier mishandling, please send the item back to us and we will replace it immediately at our expense.
Every one of our products is guaranteed to be protected by our comprehensive six month warranty.
We also guarantee your privacy: when you shop with us, you are protected by not only our use of https Secure Socket Protocol, but our promise to never, under any circumstance,share your private information with any other party.

Can I buy a sample watch at wholesale prices?


No, unfortunately we aren't able to offer this to you. Unlike a Drop Shipping arrangement, we have no guarantee of continued partnership from individuals who would like to purchase one of our watches at a lowered price.

We do, however, suggest that you buy one item at retail prices. We are absolutely confident that once you handle one of our replica watches,feel the weight of it and check out the sheer amount of work that we have put into every one of our timepieces, you will be as proud of our work as we are.

Do you accept exchanges,or returns?

Your complete satisfaction is our priority. If for any reason you aren't completely happy with your purchase, we are happy to accept exchanges and refunds on all of our imitation watches as long as you contact us with in 14 days of receipt.

Simply contact our helpful support staff at by filling in the form on our Contact Us page which you can get to by clicking on the Contact Us link at the bottom of any page on our site, and we are more than happy to take the time and find the best solution for you.

We ask that you get in touch with us before sending any item back to us.

Returns will be refunded to the card that the purchase was made on,within 7-10 days, however we do charge $30 as a restocking fee on returns.

How do I use a coupon code?

If you have a coupon code that offers you a discount to one item or even your whole order then all you have to do is add the coupon code before you are ready to place your order.

Once you have added all the items you would like to order to your shopping cart find the coupon code box, it’s on the shopping cart page under the items that you added to the cart.

Once you find the coupon code box enter the code you have and then click on the “Apply Coupon” link. This will apply the discount to the item/s in your shopping cart and then you can proceed to check out and finalize your order.

If the watch I want is out of stock, how long until it is available?

When one of our replica watches sells out, it takes us on average between 2 weeks to one month to replace the item.

If you are wondering why a specific item is out of stock, it is because we are waiting for materials. We pride ourselves on using many of the exact same materials used in the original products,and we make no substitutions.

Are the glass portions of your watches made of real Sapphire Crystal?

Yes, nearly every single one of our fake watches features a genuine Sapphire Crystal face. This is the same material used in genuine luxury watches,and has proven to be supremely scratch-resistant.

How durable is a replica watch?

Approximately as durable as the original. We ship all of our timepieces with a warranty that covers manufacturers defect,or any damage due to mishandling during shipping, meaning that we guarantee that your item will arrive in perfect working order.

As with any luxury watch, care is of the utmost importance. Treat your replica watches with respect, and they will be with you throughout the years. We advise that every 2-3 years you take your watch to be serviced at an horologist. Have the gears re-oiled on automatic watches, as the constant sweeping of the second hand means that the mechanism is always in motion.

Do your fake watches feature a 'sweeping second hand'?

The second hand sweeps, as opposed to ticking, on all of our replica watches that feature automatic movement just like their original counterparts.

Our watches that feature Quartz and Chronograph movement have a ticking second hand as opposed to the sweeping movement that the watches that have automatic movement.

Are your Submariner replica, and other fake watches water-proof?

All our watches are water resistant but not waterproof, we do not recommend swimming with them or taking showers with them. Taking the watches underwater will revoke their guarantee.

Are your watches shipped in branded boxes?

Our watches are sent in a simple plain box but you can purchase one of the branded cases that we offer for sale separately.

Can I shake the watch to get it started?

Under no circumstances should you shake your new watch!

You could simply rotate your wrist gently a few times when wearing the watch to start its mechanism…however you should follow the winding instructions sent with your new watch to get it started properly and keep it in working order.

*If for some reason you did not receive any winding instructions please contact customer support and they will be emailed to you right away.

What is the difference between a Quartz movement watch and an Automatic/Kinetic movement watch?

Watches listed as having Quartz movement run on a battery inside the watch whereas watches listed as having Automatic movement or otherwise known as Kinetic movement watches run on the energy that they harness from the natural movement of your wrist.

*It is important to note that with new Automatic/Kinetic movement watches it is necessary to “jump start” them by winding them properly.All our Automatic/Kinetic movement watches are shipped with detailed winding instructions for this first winding procedure so please ensure to follow each step precisely to ensure that your new watch keeps perfect time.

Automatic/Kinetic movement watches also need to be wound a few times after they are not worn for a while.

What Grade of Stainless Steel are The Watches Made From?

We use solid 440 grade stainless steel on all our watches which is known to be the best quality to use and identical to the stainless steel that is used in the making of most of the top brand name original watches.

If I stop wearing the watch for a long period of time do I still need to wind it?

Wearing the watch regularly will keep all its components and lubricants in movement. That’s how the Automatic/Kinetic watches work. They do not have a battery to power them; they run off the energy they harness from the natural movement of your wrist. So if you do not wear your watch for half a day or longer you will need to wind the watch a little to provide it with some reserve energy that a long with the natural movement of your wrist will keep the watch running properly.

*It is also a good idea to wind your Automatic/Kinetic watch at least once a week.

How do you measure the diameter of your watches?

We offer 2 measurements for the diameter of the face of our watches and one measurement of the case thickness in the products page of each watch under the description.

The larger measurement listed under “ Diameter” is the vertical measurement. This measurement is of the glass/crystal face of the watch all the way up to and including the part of the watch case that the watch straps are attached too.

The smaller measurement listed under “ Diameter” is the horizontal measurement. This measurement is of the glass/crystal face of the watch including the watch bezel.

(The watch bezel is the ring that encompasses the face of a watch and holds the crystal or glass on the face of the watch in place.)

Next to the measurements listed under “ Diameter” you will see a link that says “ What does this measure?” This link opens up a diagram in which you can see an example of the 2 different types of measurements that we list for the diameter of the face and the last for the watch thickness.

How much does shipping cost?

The cost of shipping varies from country to country, please see our shipping page for the exact shipping cost to your country. You can find a link to our shipping page at the bottom of each page on our site.

How long does shipping take?

All of our items generally arrive within 4-10 business days.

Once you have placed your order,we take between 1-2 days to process your order,verify your information,and get your items to the courier.This amount is included in the estimated time above.

Depending on which country you live in, you may be able to track your package through your local courier company. When you make your purchase,we will let you know if this feature is available to you.

Will I be charged Import Taxes?

In order to prevent our clients having to pay import taxes, we ship our parcels as ‘low value’, meaning we rate each package as being worth less than $50. Worldwide, the majority of countries do not charge any import taxes on items of a value under fifty dollars, meaning that nearly all of our clients are not charged any duties. In the event that taxes are applied, the customer is responsible for the charges, however this is extraordinarily rare.
Where do you ship to?

We are happy to send our imitation watches out globally – United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Europe, Africa, Australia and the Middle East are all perfectly accessible to us. If we have a problem shipping to your country we will do all that we can to find a solution for you!

Why doesn't my tracking number work?

We suggest that you check the date of your order – as it takes us up to 48 hours to process your information and place your purchase with a courier, no information will be available during that window.

Depending on the country you are located in, there can be a delay of a few days before your local postal service takes over the job of shipping the parcel to you. Each of our packages starts off at our manufacturing facility, and will then be sent on to your local courier service.

As always, if you have any concerns or questions regarding the status of your order, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us by clicking on theContact Us tab at the bottom of this website.